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Report: JMSA Presents Online International Salon!

With generous support from various faculty physicians and student leaders in Japan, we are able to recruit roughly 60 medical students and physicians as participants on the day of the event! The following is the event content: 10:00am-10:15am: Welcome by…

日本クラブ/米国日本人医師会共催 オンラインCOVID-19対策ヘルスセミナー「新型コロナウイルスワクチンの真相 第2弾」


1. ファイザー、モデルナ、J&J等、それぞれのワクチンの有効性
2. ワクチンの持続性と変異株との関係
3. ブースターの必要性と適応について
4. ちがう製造元のワクチンの『ミックス&マッチ』


JMSA Lead Student Representative delivers speech on resilience at Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

Dear JMSA members, My name is Yusuke Nakagawa, the lead student representative at JMSA and the senior medical student at Tulane University School of Medicine. With a strong encouragement from JMSA President Dr. Yanagisawa, I have been interacting with fellow…

JMSA Lead Student Representative Collaborates with Student Doctors in Japan

Greetings JMSA Community and its members, My name is Yusuke Nakagawa, a senior medical student at Tulane and the lead student representative at JMSA. It has been my privilege to serve Japanese American communities and pleasure to work at the…