Message from the President

Welcome to the New Website of the Japanese Medical Society of America.

This is a new website designed to provide the most up to date information about our society in a manner that is more readily accessible and interactive, with the goal of improving the experience of our visitors.

Our society, Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA), is a group of volunteer healthcare professionals who are working to contribute to the Japanese community. The organization was established in 1973, and our activities have expanded significantly over the years.

Our dedication to the education of young professionals has allowed our scholarship program to grow to become one of our main areas of activity. Thanks to the increase in the number of our donors, we are fortunate to have funds exceeding $100,000 that we distribute among 15 recipients each year. Award recipients include medical, nursing, and dental students as well as residents and fellows. These individuals help to further the cause of JMSA by contributing to their communities in their own ways.

Since we value assisting young individuals, we established the JMSA Life Science Forum in 2015. This meeting provides a place where young researchers from Japan can meet, establish a network, and exchange information. It is also a place where they can showcase their cutting edge research to the people who are not in the science field. It quickly became one of the main events of our activities, drawing more than 300 participants last year. This helped us expand our society and established an influx of new members.

Japanese community outreach program (JCOP), through which we award grants to healthcare-related Japanese volunteer groups in New York, is another important work our organization has been engaged in since 2007. These groups work hard to improve our community through a wide range of initiatives, ranging from those that support new mothers to others that help breast cancer patients, and it is our honor to help them in any way we can.

In addition to these efforts, we regularly organize lecture series aimed toward general audiences in collaboration with the Nippon Club and Japanese American Association. These lectures cover a wide variety of topics, and they are done both in Japanese and English. We also started the work with children to stimulate their interests in science and medicine by providing them with the opportunities where they can work with the scientists and the doctors.

Lastly, JMSA has successfully established programs since 2011 directed at aiding the recovery of the Tohoku area of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami devastated the land. With the help of the Japan Society as well as donations from the general public, we founded mental health care clinics in Fukushima and Iwate. There have been trips to Japan every summer to connect the victims of 9/11 to the victims in Tohoku in the hopes to facilitate their mutual recovery. We also invite medical residents from the area to help revitalize the medical community.

As you can see, we try to contribute to the Japanese community through a wide range of activities. None of these is possible without the generous support of our donors and friends. We would like to thank you to those who have been helping us.

Please explore our website and I hope you will join us in our mission. Our society is also a great place to get to know other healthcare professionals, make connections, and find new friends.


President, Japanese Medical Society of America
Yuzuru Anzai, M.D.