Reflection: JMSA Presents 2nd Online International Salon Event

With generous support from various faculty physicians and student leaders in both the United States and Japan, we were able to recruit roughly 50 medical students and physicians as participants on the day of the event! This event included a reflection about student doctors from both countries about their motivation towards medicine, a discussion about the US healthcare system, and breakout rooms where Japanese medical students could discuss with specialists about US-based clinical and research opportunities. 

The event was a big hit thanks to all the participants as well as the special guest physicians and researchers (Dr. Kano, Dr. Machi, Dr. Sawai, Dr. Shirane, Dr. Higuchi)!

Below are some comments/reflections from event attendees and pictures of the event:

I enjoyed the experience very much as it was a very welcoming and kind atmosphere.”

It was a great opportunity to directly talk with doctors actually practicing medicine in the US. Also, it makes me really motivated to listen to the story of all med students who have great ambitions and make lots of efforts. Normally at Japanese universities, we don’t have many opportunities to ask questions directly to the doctors who practice medicine there, so it was such a fruitful time for me.”


We greatly appreciate everyone who was able to attend the event and look forward to meeting you all at the next event. 

Thank you! ありがとうございました!

JMSA Student Representatives