2023 JMSA Scholarship Mentor-Mentee Meeting

I recently had the privilege of attending an inspiring event known as the JMSA Scholarship Mentor Meeting. This unique gathering brought together JMSA scholarship recipients and their dedicated mentors, creating a platform for us, the scholarship recipients, to showcase the progress and impact of our respective scholarship projects. From conducting premedical education outreach within Japanese and Japanese American student spaces to creating healthcare information pamphlets for seniors in the Japanese community, each recipient passionately shared their journey and the positive changes they were making. The invaluable feedback and guidance from our mentors further enriched our projects. The JMSA scholarship means more than financial support; it signifies a community of support and belief in our aspirations. Being a JMSA scholarship recipient means not only striving for academic excellence but also harnessing the power of education to create positive change in our communities.

The mentor meeting was a testament to the collective dedication of JMSA scholars and mentors in fostering innovation and growth. Each scholarship recipient had a unique story to tell, demonstrating how the scholarship had opened doors to new opportunities. For me, the JMSA scholarship represents a beacon of hope and a commitment to advancing healthcare and education while supporting the Japanese and Japanese-American communities through various health-related efforts, in alignment with JMSA’s mission. It signifies the trust placed in us to be agents of change and to work towards a healthier and better-informed society. As a JMSA Student Representative, I am honored to be part of a dynamic network that shares this mission, all of which was celebrated during the “mentor meeting,” and strives to make a meaningful impact on society. Our collective pursuit of knowledge and our dedication to mentor and uplift others is a reflection of the values that JMSA embodies. This event reinforced the importance of our roles as scholars and leaders, inspiring us to continue pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in all that we do.

By: Akihiko Oishi, JMSA Student Leader and a recipient of a Mitsui USA-JMSA Scholarship, 2023.

MD Candidate, Class of 2024 at New York Medical College