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JMSA is an organization based in New York, comprised of Japanese healthcare providers, students, and those from diverse backgrounds who support promoting health, science and research among the Japanese communities in the US and Japan.
Become a part of a network of Japanese medical professionals, share and learn the latest advances in medicine both in the US and in Japan.

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Report: JMSA Presents Online International Salon! (1/23/2022) - With generous support from various faculty physicians and student leaders in Japan, we are able to recruit roughly 60 medical students and physicians as participants on the day of the event! The following is the event content: 10:00am-10:15am: Welcome by… Read More
Surviving the Era of VUCA?! (1/4/2022) - The LVJT health column is written by Yusuke Nakagawa, JMSA Lead Student Representative. For more details about the column, please visit: https://www.lasvegasjapantimes.com/ Read More
COVID News Article (12/17/2021) - https://yomitime.com/event_121721/1201.html?cmid=cb0963e1-9212-4ce7-b6ae-eefcf577fc4b Read More
Mask Wars: Past vs Present?! (12/2/2021) - The health column is written by Yusuke Nakagawa, JMSA Lead Student Representative. For more details, please visit Las Vegas Japan Times: https://www.lasvegasjapantimes.com/ Read More
日本クラブ/米国日本人医師会共催 オンラインCOVID-19対策ヘルスセミナー「新型コロナウイルスワクチンの真相 第2弾」 (11/17/2021) - コロナウイルスの診療やワクチン接種に従事される感染症専門医の兒子先生と、 米国日本人医師会長の柳澤先生が、 1. ファイザー、モデルナ、J&J等、それぞれのワクチンの有効性 2. ワクチンの持続性と変異株との関係 3. ブースターの必要性と適応について 4. ちがう製造元のワクチンの『ミックス&マッチ』 などの疑問に質疑応答形式で応えながら、新型コロナウイルスワクチンの真相に迫ります。 ワクチンについての色々な情報が拡散している中で、先生方の信頼できる情報をバイアス無く得ることができ、また様々なワクチンを使っていて、コロナ感染も多い米国での情報を日本語で確実に聴ける事は、とても貴重な機会となります。 Read More
JMSA Winter Student Event: Online International Salon (11/7/2021) - Day & Time: 1/15/22 Saturday 8pm-10pm EST, 1/16/22 Sunday 10am-12pm JST Event platform: Zoom, registration required using QR code Free event! Read More