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JMSA is an organization based in New York, comprised of Japanese healthcare providers, students, and those from diverse backgrounds who support promoting health, science and research among the Japanese communities in the US and Japan.
Become a part of a network of Japanese medical professionals, share and learn the latest advances in medicine both in the US and in Japan.

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JMSA doctors explain how to manage the COVID pandemic in 2021 (1/11/2021) - JMSA president Dr. Yanagisawa explains how to cope with the COVID pandemic in 2021.  He provides updates on the current COVID situation and demystifies the COVID vaccines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsrEjgAQM8Q&feature=youtu.be Read More
Myth about COVID vaccine development and our fate. Mainichi Newspaper 12/24/20 (12/27/2020) - WHO states 65-70 % of population needs to be vaccinated to reach a herd immunity to reduce viral transmissions in the population. According to Johns Hopkins’s study, many non-white Americans indicate they are weary of political pressure on COVID vaccines… Read More
Health Column: Student Doctor Ponders the Quality of Life (12/1/2020) - The following Japanese articles are published at Las Vegas Japan Times (LVJT) written by Yusuke Nakagawa, the JMSA lead student representative & the third year medical student at Tulane University School of Medicine. The articles share clerkship experience during the… Read More
JMSA Career Support Seminar (11/29/2020) - We are pleased to announce that we are hosting a JMSA Career Support Seminar in Japanese to help Japanese researchers have a successful research career in the USThe event will be held online on Zoom and will be conducted in… Read More
Scholarship Application for the Japanese Medical Society of America (10/18/2020) - Our Mission The Japanese Medical Society of America  (JMSA) was established in 1973, as a nonprofit organization by Japanese medical professionals serving the New York region with a mission to support the Japanese and Japanese-American communities through various health related… Read More
2020 Scholarship Announcement (10/11/2020) - Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to give 13 scholarship awards to our healthcare professionals in training this year. Below are the awardees of the JMSA scholarship 2020, along with their proposed scholarship projects. Congratulations to this year’s… Read More