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JMSA is an organization based in New York, comprised of Japanese healthcare providers, students, and those from diverse backgrounds who support promoting health, science and research among the Japanese communities in the US and Japan.
Become a part of a network of Japanese medical professionals, share and learn the latest advances in medicine both in the US and in Japan.

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Announcing next JMSA-Nippon club Webinar (5/24/2022) - JMSA together with the Nippon Club will be featuring a webinar on 6/2/22 to discuss how to optimize your medical and mental health now over 2 years into the Covid 19 pandemic. The panelists will include: Dr. Maki Kano-Lueckerath, internist… Read More
JMSA Mentorship Program (5/23/2022) - JMSA’s Student Ambassadors are creating a mentorship program to connect premedical students, medical students and physicians of Japanese and Japanese-American background. We hope that this will help build a supportive and close-knit medical community.  Any undergraduate/graduate students and professionals of… Read More
Report: JMSA Spring Event #1: Women in Medicine (5/9/2022) - Thank you to all participants! Read More
JMSA Spring Event #2 Save a Patient! Online Clinical Clerkship: PBL in English (3/12/2022) - Free Online Zoom Event of combining PBL with OSCE, learning US Medicine! Event Date: 4/28 Thr. 9pm-11:30pm EST; 4/29 Fri. 10am-12:30pm JST To join the event, please register from: https://forms.gle/xmSxcdZj1ckXL5fa9 Languages: English & Japanese We welcome medical students & resident… Read More
JMSA Spring Event #1 Women in Medicine (3/12/2022) - We, JMSA, is proud to announce our spring career event: Women in Medicine ~Panel Discussion and Q&A~ Date: 4/23 Sat. 8pm-10pm EST; 9/24 Sun. 9am-11am JST Free Online Zoom Event; please register from: https://forms.gle/pVWG4Zo5d6btTfdT7 Language: Japanese We welcome all medical… Read More