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JMSA is an organization based in New York, comprised of Japanese healthcare providers, students, and those from diverse backgrounds who support promoting health, science and research among the Japanese communities in the US and Japan.
Become a part of a network of Japanese medical professionals, share and learn the latest advances in medicine both in the US and in Japan.


JCOP 2019 application (8/25/2019) - Dear JMSA Member and Friend: JMSA is now accepting JCOP 2019 applications! JMSA Community Outreach Program Grant Application 2019: The Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) seeks to help support social and medically related Japanese community programs through grants given through the JMSA Community Outreach Program (JCOP). Organizations that provides medically (medical and/or mental) or […]
Japan Relief Update – 8th Annual 9/11-3/11 Outreach to Tohoku (8/6/2019) - We would like to update you on our recent completion of the 8th International Outreach for 9/11 to 3/11 Survivor Exchange Program. Now more than eight years after the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake, still 51,000 evacuees from disaster stricken areas (470,000 at its peak) continue to suffer the consequences of disaster (May 2019 report […]
JMSA Wine & Cheese Party 3/22 (3/16/2019) - JMSA is hosting a Wine & Cheese party at Dr. Hayashi and Dr. Asoma’s newly opened ophthalmology office! Please come join us, enjoy time with friends and learn about JMSA’s upcoming events.  Date: Friday, March 22nd Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Location: Apple Ophthalmology 8 W 38th St #201, New York, NY 10018 (between 5th & […]
日本クラブ/米国日本人医師会共催 第44回ヘルスセミナー (3/8/2019) - 「お酒が苦手で甘いものも嫌い」日本人に多いが、あまり知られていないシトリン欠損症 今から約20年前、それまでまったく知られていなかった病気が日本人研究者によって発見されました。この病気の名前はシトリン欠損症。日本人にとても多い病気であり、その症状は様々です。新生児期の黄疸、成人期の性格の変化や意識障害などで診断され、治療を誤ると命にも関わることもあります。
JMSA New York Life Science Forum 2019 (3/3/2019) - JMSA is having our annual Life Science Forum on Saturday, April 20th at NYU Langone Medical Center! The event will feature Japanese researchers and physicians working in the US, sharing their research and experiences. This event is open to everyone, including the general public even if you’re not in the medical / science field. The […]
Requesting applications for New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Scholarship 2019 (2/13/2019) - Dear JMSA Member and Friend: The New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Society, Inc. (HNMS) is requesting applications for the 2019 scholarship. The scholarship is designed to support young life scientists from Japan who are pursuing a research career in the U.S.  Please see attached documents for detailed eligibility information as well as the application. The deadline to submit […]