JMSA hosts a successful wine and cheese party and helps raise funds for the Noto Earthquake disaster relief!

On 3/1/24, JMSA hosted a wine and cheese party at the Apple Ophthalmology office of Dr. Kichiemon Asoma and Dr. Naomi Hayashi, JMSA board members. The event was successful with over 50 people attending. Attendees included JMSA board members, members, students and those interested to learn more about JMSA. Over wine and cheese, the gathering was warm and friendly.

During the evening, Ms. Riki Ito, a leader of the NY Japanese American Lions Club and Vice President of JAA, talked to the group about her recent trip to the region that was hit hard by the Noto Earthquake and JMSA encouraged attendees to consider donating to the NY Japanese American Lions Club Noto Earthquake disaster fund. We were very honored that Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada, Lions Clubs International Foundation Chairperson and past International President, attended our reception with Ms. Riki Ito and JMSA member and NY JAL member Dr. Mari Morimoto.

Dr. Miho Urisaka, A JMSA member, generously donated multiple 1/2 dozen packs of fresh organic eggs from her family farm, Cucumber Hill Farm in Putnam Valley, NY. The attendees really enjoyed connecting with each other, learning more about JMSA’s mission and programs in an informal, welcoming atmosphere. Special thanks to our social chairperson, Ms. Lydia Horiguchi for putting together a delicious cheese platter and to Dr. Kichiemon Asoma, Dr. Naomi Hayashi and Dr. Teru Hayashi and staff for graciously allowing us to have the reception at their beautiful office on W. 38th Street. JMSA hopes to have another wine and cheese in the fall. We hope to see you there!

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