JMSA Second International Salon Event

With generous support from attending physicians and student leaders in Japan and the United States, we are proud to announce the JMSA student representative-led online Second International Salon Event planned for March 11 (Eastern Time – US) at 08:00PM and March 12 (Japan Time) at 10:00AM! The mission of the second international event is to garner interest and provide early exposure for Japan-based medical students on how medicine is practiced in the United States.  The program will be conducted in both English and Japanese. Please sign up using the QR code above!

The following is the event content: 

10:00 am (JT)/ 8:00 pm (ET): Welcome by JMSA Leadership & Introduction (6 min)

Dr. Maki Kano, the President of JMSA, and Dr. Robert Yanagisawa, the JMSA Global Health Committee Chair, will greet and welcome the participants.  This will be followed by a brief presentation about a day in the life of US-based medical students.

10:06 am (JT)/8:06pm (ET): Self-Reflection of Student Doctors (60 min)

Why do we learn medicine? Why did we choose to become a physician out of all of the healthcare professions? Six medical students from the US and Japan will share why they chose this profession as well as their career aspirations and thoughts on the future of healthcare delivery and medical education.  While listening to the firsthand experiences of these medical students, we invite all participants to also reflect on how they plan to build resilience, promote diversity, and innovation in medicine.

11:06 am (JT)/9:06pm (ET): Faculty Panel in Breakout Rooms (45 min)

All participants will have the opportunity to meet and ask physicians practicing in the US about US-based medical care, the experience of moving to a new country (for Japanese International Medical Graduates), and specialty-specific topics. We plan to have breakout rooms for Medicine-Pediatrics, Surgery, Neurology, Obstetrics-Gynecology, and Research.  Participants will have the opportunity to join multiple rooms.

11:55 am (JT)/9:55pm (ET) Closing Remarks (5 min)

JMSA leadership and student representatives will introduce additional JMSA initiatives for medical students, including the mentorship program, scholarship program, upcoming JMSA events and the JAMSA medical English speaking practice sessions before closing remarks.

12:00 pm (JT)/10:00 PM (ET): Post-Event Talk

This is an optional opportunity for participants interested in asking further questions and continuing a discussion on the event topics.

We are hoping you are able to join us for this event!

JMSA Student Representatives