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Scholarship Application for the Japanese Medical Society of America

Our Mission The Japanese Medical Society of America  (JMSA) was established in 1973, as a nonprofit organization by Japanese medical professionals serving the New York region with a mission to support the Japanese and Japanese-American communities through various health related…

Postponing Annual Dinner

Dear JMSA member and friend:Due to the current spread of COVID-19, we have decided to postpone our annual dinner originally scheduled for 4/25/20.We are in the process of determining a new date for the dinner and once we finalize the…

Interview with Dr. Maki Kano

Dr. Maki Kano is the current JMSA Vice President and a Pediatrician and Internist who practices in Westchester, NY. She sat down for an interview with Riku Moriguchi, a fourth year medical student at Albert Einstein, to discuss her career as a Japanese-speaking physician in the US. Below is the transcript of the interview, where she speaks about her upbringing, her current practice, both the joys and challenges of being a working mother, and her experiences in JMSA.