2021 Scholarship Announcement

Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to give 14 scholarship awards to our healthcare professionals in training this year. Below are the awardees of the JMSA scholarship 2021, along with their proposed scholarship projects.

Congratulations to this year’s JMSA Scholarship Recipients!

Honjo-JMSA Scholarship

Erika Mitsui – Promoting Awareness and Understanding of Advance Care Planning in the US for Japanese and Japanese-American Individuals
Medical Student at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Akihiko Oishi – Production of educational videos as a virtual YouTuber to spread information regarding medicine and medical school
Medical Student at New York Medical College School of Medicine

Reona Kimura – Educating Japanese women about birth control methods available in the United States
Medical Student at Stony Brook University Renaissance School of Medicine

Kuro Murase MD-JMSA Scholarship

Masahiro Uni, MD, PhD – Web-based career-development seminars focusing on how to become a physician scientist in the U.S.
Postdoctoral Fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Mitsui USA-JMSA Scholarship

Erica Miyake Lin – Evaluation of dermatological disease presentation in the Japanese diaspora
Medical Student at Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Mio Ito – Development of Japanese/English History Form for Veterinary Settings
Veterinary Student at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Nippon Life-JMSA Scholarship

Atsumi Kimura Creating a fact sheet on implicit bias and its impact on patient care in English and Japanese
Medical Student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Hiroe Imai Hu, MD – Creating a resource database to improve mental health accessibility and cross-cultural psychoeducation in the Japanese medical communities
Resident at MedStar-Georgetown University Hospital

Nishioka-JMSA Scholarship

Sana Fujimura Uses of music therapy in the healthcare field: US and Japan
Medical Student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Shiori Ucheya Continue reaching out and providing mentorship to Japanese youths interested in the healthcare professions
Medical Student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (GA Campus)

Teru Hayashi – Things You Might Not Know About American Healthcare
Optometry Student at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry

Raymond Sekiguchi MD-JMSA scholarship

Kazushige Yoshida, MD, PhD – How can we survive in the US as an MD researcher?
Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University

Ruri Kitada – JMSA Scholarship Alumni Project
Medical Student at New York Medical College School of Medicine

Sarah Kumamoto – Creating a Youtube video in both English and Japanese to explain a Nurse Practitioner’s role to Japanese and Japanese-American patient populations to increase NP utilization and increase access to medical care
Doctor of Nursing Practice – Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Student at University of Washington