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JMSA distributes more than 10,000 masks received from Medical Students and Resident Physicians of Tohoku Region

Yuzo Takeguchi, MD a graduate student at Fukushima Medical University led a donation drive among FMU Medical Students, Resident Physicians and Faculties of Tohoku Region to help NYC front-line medical staff fight Corona virus pandemic. They raised over $18,000 and supplied us with much needed medical masks.

JMSA and Nippon Club co-host a webinar featuring JMSA doctors speaking about COVID-19

On 4/13, Board members from JMSA and the Nippon Club came together to broadcast a one hour webinar on COVID-19 with latest information and updates. The webinar was geared for the Japanese community and there were over 400 people mostly…

Lessons from New York, an Epicenter of Corona Virus Pandemic – Take Immediate Measures for a potential rapid surge in infection

Apr 03, 2020  Robert Yanagisawa, President of the Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) who sees patients in New York, the world’s largest epidemic with COVID 19 infections, is a professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In…