JMSA distributes more than 10,000 masks received from Medical Students and Resident Physicians of Tohoku Region

Yuzo Takeguchi, MD a graduate student at Fukushima Medical University led a donation drive among FMU Medical Students, Resident Physicians and Faculties of Tohoku Region to help NYC front-line medical staff fight Corona virus pandemic.  They raised over $18,000 and supplied us with much needed medical masks.

More than 7,000 surgical masks and 500 KN95s were donated to  Community Healthcare Network (CHN).  CHN is a group of community clinics which serve undeserved populations, in areas heavily affected by the pandemic.

Dr. Satoko Kanahara, Medical Director of CHN and a Board Member of JMSA states “The donation helps us continue our mission of providing quality comprehensive medical care to all, regardless of their background, immigration status or insurance/ability to pay.”

Dr. Kichiemon Asoma, a Board Member of JMSA who volunteered for Covid Response distributed more than 500 N95 masks to front-line medical residents of Coney Island, Kings County and Downstate hospitals.  We also plan to donate more surgical masks to a nursing home, Isabella House.

Dr. Robert Yanagisawa, JMSA President states that this marks another wonderful chapter of our bond we have with Tohoku since 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, like our 9/11-3/11 Outreach and Tohoku Resident Education Program.

Coney Residents with N95s
Dr. Kanahara at South Bronx CHN clinic 
Dr. Yanagisawa with Ray, for CHN pickup