Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort by JMSA

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort:

Typhoon Haiyan unleashed the fiercest winds ever recorded on the Philippines on November 8, 2013. It left a wide, deadly path of destruction, eerily similar to what we witnessed in the Tohoku region more than two years ago. We have established a JMSA Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief Fund, and we are asking you for your generous support to help the victims. Your donations will be sent to the Rotary Club of Englewood N.J. which has announced that all the proceeds will go to ShelterBox USA (website:  www.shelterboxusa.org). This company is involved in humanitarian aid by making high quality shelter and necessary supplies that are packaged in a container and shipping them to disaster areas. This is our second collaboration with the Rotary Club which played a vital role in our successful Tohoku relief effort.

We are a not-for-profit organization, and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Please click on the link below to donate online or mail a check to: Japanese Medical Society of America, 100 Park Avenue, Suite 1600, New York, NY 10017.

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