On the “Importance of Sleep” – Dr. Makoto Kawai

On April 9th, JMSA and Nippon club co sponsored Health Webinar Series 2024 kicked off with the topic “Importance of Sleep” presented by Dr. Makoto Kawai, a neurologist from Stanford, CA who specializes in sleep medicine.

We had about 230 registrations this time which is one of our best turnouts. He went over the physiology of sleep, how it changes for the course of one’s life, and also explained that it is difficult to define “good quality of sleep”. He stated that the Japanese population has relatively shorter sleep times compared to rest of the world, yet marks one of the longest life expectancies. He recommends 7 hours of sleep nightly as a minimum in general although there is no specific number that can define someone’s adequacy of rest and there is a significant difference between individuals. Dr. Kawai’s talk was enjoyable and kept the attention of the entire audience until the end.  

See YouTube here: