2013 JMSA Scholarship Recipients

Honjo-JMSA Scholarship

Miyuki Tanino  (MS4, Weill Cornell Medical College)

Project: To continue expanding Ameilog, a blog portal that enables medical professionals to share information among Japanese medical professionals and the general public.  

Contact: miyukitanino@gmail.com

Alisa Prager  (MS2, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons)

Project: To expand the CJR Nishimiya Fellows program to provide opportunities for more medical students to go to Fukushima.  

Contact: alisa.prager@gmail.com


Mitsui USA-JMSA Scholarship

Kenji Fujitani  (MS1, Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)

Project: To plan Mount Sinai Global Health program to visit Fukushima during the summer to study the effects of the the nuclear disaster on mental and physical health.

Contact: kenji.fujitani@mssm.edu

Jay Starkey, MD (Radiology Resident, UCSF School of Medicine)

Project: To continue working on radiology and safety with collaborators in a Japanese University.

Contact: jaystarkey@gmail.com

Ayaka Iwata (Medical student, NYU School of Medicine)

Project: To re-introduce Radio Taiso to the Japanese community in the US as a simple exercise designed to improve flexibility and general health.

Sara-Megumi Naylor (Internal Medicine Resident, UCLA Medical Center) 

Project: To conduct a Health Lecture Series for seniors in the Venice Japanese Community Center in LA.

Ken Stern (MS3, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine)

Project: To create a JMSA facebook page to help build the community by helping to connect members.

Contact: k-stern@fsm.northwestern.edu


Nishioka-JMSA Scholarship

Michael Hurley (MS1, Stanford University Medical School)

Project: To study the influence of DPC (flat-fee payment system) on resource utilization by hospitals in the Japanese healthcare system.  

Contact: mphurley@stanford.edu

Yumeko Kawano (MS1, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons) 

Project: To create a website or booklet to help Japanese people navigate the US healthcare system.

Contact: yk2447@columbia.edu

Kaoru Takasaki (MS1, Yale University School of Medicine)

Project: To create a medium of exchange to link medial students and physicians who had firsthand experience in Japan and US.

Contact: kaoru.takasaki@yale.edu

Joji Kohjima  (MS1Rush Medical College)

Project: To create a blog on radiation effect on the people who worked in the Fukushima clean-up effort and also the people exposed to the nuclear bomb to document the intergenerational effects of radiation poisoning.

Cotntact: joji_w_kohjima@rush.edu


Nippon Life-JMSA Scholarship

Chihiro Shinohara (Physician’s Assistant student, Pace University)

Project: To introduce PA’s to the Japanese Community and to create a student committee to provide support for Japanese high school and college students who seek to work in the healthcare profession.

Contact: shinohara.chihiro@gmail.com              

Yousuke Horikawa, MD, PhD  (2nd year Pediatric Resident, Rady Children’s Hospital, UCSD) 

Project: To study the effect of children leaving their homes in Japan and living abroad in the United States.

Contact: yhorikaw@ucsd.edu


Toyota-JMSA Scholarship

Hiroshi Kurosawa, MD, PhD (Pediatrician, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia)

Project: His research project called “PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) on Demand” is a training program approach augmented by remote co-facilitation from US training centers.  He hopes to improve and maintain Japanese healthcare providers’ resuscitation performance for acutely ill or injured children.