United States to Japan

Ehime University(愛媛大学医学部)
– A 1 year program at Ehime University for native English speakers
– Teach medical and conversational English to physicians and medical students
– Contact Lindsay Gibbon (MS2, Cornell) at lgibbon@gmail.com for more information

Kyorin University(杏林大学医学部)
– Ophthalmology (retina and uveitis) clinical preceptorship
– Contact Yoshihiro Yonekawa (NYHQ TY Intern) at yoy2003@nyp.org for more information

Osaka University (大阪大学医学部)
– Public Health research preceptorship
– Contact Grant Aaker (MS4, Cornell) at gda200@med.cornell.edu for more information

Tokyo University(東京大学医学部)
– Website with student experiences: http://koryu.m.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hp07.html
– Official exchange programs are with UPenn, Ohio State, Hopkins, U Mich, and Wash U
– Individual programs have been designed with Harvard, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Tulane, and others

Tokyo Women’s Medical University (東京女子医科大学)
– 1-2 month elective rotation for medical students by the International Exchange Program
– Official exchange programs are established with Columbia, MSSM, Brown, University of Hawaii, UTHS, but also available to other medical students
– Attendings fluent in English in Departments of Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurosurgery
– Contact Dr. Homma or Dr. Yanagisawa (E-Mail:  robert.yanagisawa@mountsinai.org)

Stanford-Japan Exchange Program
– 1 week program in Japan for Stanford medical students
– Contact Dr. Akatsu for more information (see website below)
– Website: http://medicine.stanford.edu/education/japan_exchange.html