The JMSA Kids Life Science forum resumes once again since the pandemic

The Japanese Medical Society of America, (JMSA) hosted the Kids Life Science forum on Sunday April 28th with the support of the JAA NY. The event was a part of the JAA Sakura Health Fair and took place at the JAA Hall on W. 45th Street. Ms. Nina Harano, a PhD candidate in neuroscience at NYU was the main organizer of the event with support from Dr. Sei Higuchi (JMSA Board Member) and Dr. Keichii Ito (JMSA Member).

Dr. Maki Kano-Lueckerath, President of JMSA, gave an opening kickoff speech explaining that the mission of the Kids Life Science Forum is to promote interest in STEM, medical and science fields through play and fun. There were 2 sessions with 25 children ranging in age from 4 to 10. They rotated through 6 different science related and medically related stations and participated in hands on activities that were led by physicians, life scientists, and medical students. Children learned how to operate a laparoscope and learned about origin of sounds and the role of vocal cords in generating sounds. Other stations taught children how to use manipulate a microscope, make magnetic slime, learn about the heart and chromatography. Five students from the Keio Academy of NY participated as volunteers at the event.

The kids life science forum promotes wellness and health related education amongst the Japanese community which is consistent with mission of JMSA.