JMSA Mentorship Program

JMSA’s Student Ambassadors are creating a mentorship program to connect premedical students, medical students and physicians of Japanese and Japanese-American background. We hope that this will help build a supportive and close-knit medical community. 

Any undergraduate/graduate students and professionals of Japanese and Japanese-American background who have an interest in furthering their career in medicine within the United States are encouraged to sign up. We also appreciate any physicians of Japanese and Japanese-American background or physicians who have worked in the Japanese medical space to serve as mentors to our aspiring physicians. We envision mentees and mentors meeting virtually or in person. Once signed up, please expect an update from us in late August or early September. 

If you are a pre-medical or medical student, sign up using this link:

If you are a physician and would like to be a mentor, please contact either Dr. Yanagisawa or Dr. Shimada. 
We are excited for you to be a part of our JMSA family! For questions or suggestions, please email