JMSA and Nippon Club co-host a webinar featuring JMSA doctors speaking about COVID-19

On 4/13, Board members from JMSA and the Nippon Club came together to broadcast a one hour webinar on COVID-19 with latest information and updates. The webinar was geared for the Japanese community and there were over 400 people mostly from U.S. but also some from Japan who signed up to watch the webinar.  Dr. Kimihiko Oishi, Assistant Professor of Department of Genetics at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Yuzuru Anzai, Attending in OB-GYN, Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Maki Kano-Lueckerath, Attending in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at the Mount Sinai Tokio Marine Group Affiliated Japanese Medical Practice, and Dr. Kamal Ramani, Medical Director and Internist at 20 East Medical Practice and member of Mount Sinai Health Partners participated in the webinar. Mr. Masaaki Maeda, the acting Vice President of the Nippon Club, JCCI and the JCC Fund, was the MC and moderator of the webinar. Special thanks to Ms. Ran Suzuki of the Nippon Club for her hard work in putting the webinar together as well as to Mr. Yoshio Kano, Executive Secretary of JMSA, for helping to organize and coordinate the event. 

Please click on link to view the webinar:

ニューヨークの医師に聞く 〜COVID-19に関する緊急特別インタビュー | The Nippon Club