JMSA CPR Workshop

Why learn CPR?

Sudden cardiac arrest is a common condition that can happen to anyone. The condition occurs when the electrical impulses to the heart become too fast or disorganized, causing the heart to stop beating. More than 300,000 cardiac arrests happen each year in the US, and in many cases, the victim appears healthy with no known cardiac disease or risk factors. The good news is that high quality CPR performed immediately after a cardiac arrest can double or even triple the victim's chances of survival. Since 88% of cardiac arrests happen at home, it is crucial that everyone learn how to do CPR. With effective CPR, you can save a family member's life!

JMSA CPR Workshops

Several times each year, the JMSA hosts free Japanese-language CPR workshops for the Japanese community in New York City. Our next workshop is scheduled for the fall of 2012.  Stay tuned for more details about the date and location to be posted here soon!  In the meantime, although there is no substitute for hands-on instruction, feel free to browse our CPR handout here (Japanese and English*) for a quick review of the steps of CPR.

*Information and images courtesy of the American Heart Association and the Ehime University School of Medicine ACLS Handout