JMSA Leads 7th Annual 9/11 – 3/11 Disaster Outreach Program in Tohoku

American Airlines, Consulate General of Japan in New York, Japan Society, Mount Sinai Global Health, and Rotary International supports JMSA and September 11th Family Members for 7th 9/11-3/11 Outreach Program to Tohoku, Japan

7/14/2018  Fukushima Minyu News Article:

September 11th family including two high school students visited Fukushima and met with students of Futaba Future School which opened after Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster.  After being bullied as “contaminated Fukushima kids” in Tokyo, Futaba students gained appreciation and desire to tackle global immigration issues.  9/11 Family also visited Fukushima Daiichi power plant to learn about enormity of decontamination process.

7/14/2018 Fukushima Minpo News Articles:

Below Right – In appreciation for 9/11 Family visiting Fukushima annually since 3/11, 60 Koriyama West Rotarians welcomed them with a summer reception.

Below Left – 9/11 Family’s annual visit to 3/11 evacuees in Soma was held at Kitahara Disaster Public Housing Units.  30 residents listened to 9/11 Family speak how “together, we can share courage to move forward.”  Afterwards, they all enjoyed flowing somen noodle together.