Japan Heritage Day


Save the date: Japan Heritage Day festivities at Citi Fields on June 21, 2011! The Mets will be playing the Oakland A’s, and Hideki Matsui is scheduled? to be in attendance. Please click “Read More” for more information.

On June 21, the New York Mets will be holding their second annual Japanese Heritage Night. ?This year, 25% of all ticket sales will go towards a donation to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. ?Furthermore, we need to keep showing a good presence so this tradition continues.

The Game will be the Oakland A’s vs New York Mets at Citi Field, from 7:10pm with pre-game events begin at 6:30pm. ?Pre-game show highlights include: an exciting Japanese taiko drum performance by Soh Daiko, and the colorful Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York.

Once again this year, the JMSA will be organizing a group to go together. ?We will all sit at the pepsi porch area, as it is a fun location for a group. ?Food stalls including the shake shack are near by and there is a large porch area where we can stand with bar tables around and enjoy the evening of baseball and fun.

For those of you who want to order tickets through our group (you will get a small gift from the Mets as well), let Dr. Ramani know. ?Ticket cost is $32. ?For those of you who want get tickets on your own (sit on your own or in another area), follow the directions on the flyer. ?Feel free to forward this email to any of your friends.

Let’s go Mets and Ganbare Japan!

Dr. Ramani