Let’s support our community against this great adversity

Dear JMSA Members and Friends,

The current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic is certainly a challenge of unprecedented proportions to all of us. However, such a challenge gives us an opportunity to rise to the occasion and become beacons of hope for our community.

We began our careers for the opportunity to make a difference and to be a part of something greater than what we can be as individuals. Sometimes, it is difficult to see the difference we make, but extraordinary moments like these allow us to recognize how much of a difference we can make for the community.

Together, we will fight against this great adversity we face today and we will get through. Let’s support our community going through these challenging times.

For your patients, the following CDC and WHO links maybe useful.

Best regards,


Robert T. Yanagisawa, M.D.


The Japanese Medical Society of America

Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Visiting Professor

Tokyo Women’s Medicine University

Clinical Professor of Medicine

Tohoku University School of Medicine