UJMED is a social networking website designed to facilitate intracultural awareness and healthcare collaboration between the United States and Japan. In short, UJMED is a “Facebook” for healthcare professionals, researchers, and students in the U.S. and Japan. We currently have 156 members, largely comprised of medical students in Japan, eager to learn about the U.S. healthcare system. There are active discussions about global health, the USMLEs, teaching PBL, journal submission advice, healthcare policy, end of life issues, and many more! Please sign up to become a member, and create a profile: www.ujmed.org

It only take several minutes. Once you have created a profile, look for the JMSA group!

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
* Creator: BT Slingsby (btslingsby@ujmed.org)
* JMSA Contacts: Jay Starkey (jay@ujmed.org), Alan Teo (alan@ujmed.org), Yoshihiro Yonekawa (yonekawa@ujmed.org)