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    The Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) is a group of medical and health care professionals with a knowledge of Japanese language, culture or customs. JMSA members are also proud supporters of local community efforts and educational scholarships.
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    Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) is a group of volunteer healthcare professionals who are working to contribute to the Japanese community. The organization was established in 1973 and our activities have expanded significantly over the years.

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    One of the benefits of membership in the JMSA is listing in our professional directory. This provides both new referrals from patients looking for a doctor and also boosts your search results if you link to your practice website. JMSA.org is highly ranked by all the major search engines.

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    Our student members are involved in many outstanding projects both here and abroad. Student members enjoy mentorship from JMSA members in various medical fields, helping to prepare for their future careers.  The JMSA also awards a number of scholarships each year.


Focus on Our Members Jan 2015: Dr. Kei Ouchi

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Starting with the new year, we would like to start a brand new section called Focus on Our Members. This section will feature a different JMSA member every month! Please look forward to reading about our members!

Here for our January Focus, we would like to introduce Dr. Kei Ouchi.


JMSAの皆様お元気でしょうか?私は2014年の7月からボストンに引っ越してきました。内科と救急科の研修をNYで終え、今はボストンのブリガムアンドウィマンズ病院で救急の指導医をしながら公衆衛生の修士課程で学んでいます。NYから離れてしまい、気軽にJMSAの活動に参加できないのが心残りですが、こちらの生活も少しずつ慣れてきました。2014年はJMSAからのコネクションでお世話になった反田篤志先生のリーダーシップのもとに「あめりかでお医者さんにかかるときの本 (リンク)の出版のお手伝いをすることができました。このような繋がりの場を作っているJMSAにとても感謝しております。場所は離れてしまっても、JMSAの活動にできるだけ参加できるよう頑張りたいと思います。


Kei Ouchi, MD (大内啓)

Health Policy Research and Translation Fellow and Attending Physician
Department of Emergency Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA
Instructor of Emergency Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Research Fellow, Ariadne Lab, Boston, MA


大阪で生まれ、12歳で渡米。ジョージタウン大学医学部卒。内科と救急科の研修をLong Island Jewish Medical Centerで終了し、2014年より現職。救急科で指導医として働きながら、Harvard School of Public HealthでMaster of Public Health (MPH)を取得中。アメリカの医療システムで末期疾患の患者は必然的に救急科に来院することを臨床経験から実感し、そのような人たちにどのようにしてその人が受けたいと思う末期医療を提供できるかを研究している。更に研究で日々の末期患者の救急医療を改善するべくためにはどの様なシステムの導入が必要かをAriadne Labにて発案中である。

Brigham and Women’s Hospital / Harvard Medical School / Ariadne Lab:




Steps to Going into Medical Fields

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On November 22, 2014, JMSA held a panel discussion at the Japanese Weekend School in Port Chester to introduce students to careers in the health professions and the steps to becoming a physician in both Japan and the US.

The event attracted HS students from the Hoshuko and Keio Academy, as well as college students, parents and teachers, and other members of the community. The panel featured JMSA physicians and student members with a wide variety of backgrounds in medicine. This panel discussion marks the first of many events that JMSA hopes to sponsor in order to support students in their quest to pursue careers in healthcare.

The event started with a presentation on motivations to becoming a physician, the different professions within healthcare, and the requirements to becoming a physician in both the US and Japan. Students were also introduced to the new JMSA physician-shadowing program, which provides opportunities for high school, college and medical students to gain exposure to various healthcare fields by shadowing JMSA healthcare providers.

The panelists described their motivations for pursuing medicine, the different careers within medicine, and the challenges and rewards of being a physician. The panelists also answered questions from the audience. Dr. Oishi and Dr. Anzai gave excellent insight into differences in the way medicine is practiced in Japan and the US.  Dr. Asoma described the variety of paths that his colleagues have pursued with an MD degree. Dr. Kano, the panel moderator, stressed the importance of keeping an open mind and pursing one's passions and interests. Kenji Fujitani described the importance of volunteering, and gave helpful advice on applying to college. Machiko Yamamoto and Yoshi Toyoda described life as medical students, and Alisa Prager described what she did during her gap years. The event gave students early exposure to a career in healthcare and a glimpse of what it may be like to have a future in the medical profession.

Students who are interested in participating in the JMSA shadowing program can sign up by filling out this form. Healthcare providers, who would be willing to provide shadowing opportunities to students, should fill out this form

This event was part of the “8thSenior Week” co-sponsored by the Japanese American Association of New York (JAA) and the Japanese Medical Support Network (JAMSNET) and was held in collaboration with the JMSA and the Japanese Weekend School of NY. 




JMSA's 1st New Members Wine and Cheese Party

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JMSA's first New Members Wine and Cheese Party was held on Friday October 17 in the office of the new JMSA President, Dr.Yuzuru Anzai, hosted by him and his wife.

The event was very well attended and was a huge success. We were excited to welcome such a great group of people, including students, residents, fellows, researchers, and medical professionals. We were especially delighted to see many new faces and hope to see them very soon at our future events.

Dr. Anzai opened the event introducing JMSA and welcoming new members. Also in attendance were past JMSA presidents, Dr. Shimmyo, Dr. Homma, Dr. Furuyama and several board members.

Dr. Anzai expressed plans on making these informal social gatherings a more regular feature of JMSA: "for JMSA members, it is a great forum to network and to meet other medical professionals in the New York Area. I want to increase the number of the members and bring in young people. I also want to make JMSA more accessible to the Japanese researchers and recruit them to the society. We hope to expand the base of our society to better serve the Japanese community in New York.”

Photos credit: Ms Jiae Lee

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