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    The Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) is a group of medical and health care professionals with a knowledge of Japanese language, culture or customs. JMSA members are also proud supporters of local community efforts and educational scholarships.
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    Japanese Medical Society of America (JMSA) is a group of volunteer healthcare professionals who are working to contribute to the Japanese community. The organization was established in 1973 and our activities have expanded significantly over the years.

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JMSA Journal Club with Dr. Asoma

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On October 26th, 2017, JMSA held its second Journal Club. The event was facilitated by JMSA board member and ophthalmologist, Dr. Kichiemon Asoma, and organized by Shoko Mori, a fourth year medical student at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and 2017 JMSA scholarship recipient.

The Journal Club was attended by both familiar and new JMSA student members. Attendees included medical students, a dental student, and a pharmacy student from schools in the NYC and tri-state region. Dr. Asoma facilitated a discussion regarding two recent journal articles on diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. Dr. Asoma also shared his path to ophthalmology and a typical day in the life of an ophthalmologist! The conversations were enjoyed over soba noodles at Soba Azuma in Midtown. 

JMSA hopes to continue to provide a forum for students to meet each other, and to meet physicians, so we hope you join us at the next JMSA Journal Club!



JMSA/Nippon Club 41st Lecture Seminar

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On October 11th, 2017, JMSA and Nippon Club held its 41st Lecture Seminar on advance care planning by Dr. Shunichi Nakagawa. The seminar was very well attended by young and old members of the Japanese community. Dr. Shunichi Nakagawa, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Adult Palliative Care, Columbia University gave a very compelling talk about advance care planning (ACP) which is the planning for future medical care to so that one can make his or her own decisions and the importance of the conversation and communication between physicians, patients and their loved ones so all are on the same page. Before the lecture, many people may have thought that is too depressing or scary to think about end of life and dying. After the talk we all learned that its much scarier to not engage in advance care planning. Dr. Nakagawa told the audience "It’s never too early to start...."

He educated the audience about the meaning of advance care planning, health care proxy and advanced directives. 

He presented very interested scenarios that helped the audience understand the importance of ACP and how its is very important to have a conversation with the doctor and family so all understand the patient's wishes. He explained that ACP or advance care planning is a process with steps and that it should always be updated and amended to reflect the patients feelings and wishes and to include what is ultimately the patients priorities in life keep on living.

Dr. Nakagawa explained that too often, people wait until its too late to start this vital conversation about ACP.  The earlier the conversations are initiated, the easier they are because the best time to start the conversation about advance care planning is when the patient is still healthy.

He presented the audience with several very important links that will help the patient to start to prepare his or her advance care plans. Many of these sites will take the patients through each step that is necessary in order to determine advance care plans.

1. One Slide Project (http://engagewithgrace.org)

2. The Conversation Project (http://the conversationproject.org)

3. PREPARE (http://www.prepareforyourcare.org/#/)

4. Five Wishes (http://www.agingwithdignitiy.org)

5. NY state health care proxy (https://www.health.ny.gov/publications/1430.pdf)

JMSA thanks Dr. Shunichi Nakagawa for his time and energy in presenting us with information that all patients should know about in order to direct their end of life management.  

Written by Maki Kano, MD.


2017 JCOP Application

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Calling For JMSA Community Outreach (JCOP) 2017 Applications:
JCOP is seeking applicants for its 2017 Grants.
All Japanese community groups and individuals who are seeking a grant to support their Japanese community outreach projects are eligible to apply.
Deadline for applications: Friday, October 13, 2017
Thank you,
JCOP Selection Committee 2017

Through the years, JMSA has become aware of local organizations which have provided much needed medically and socially related support to the Japanese American Community. Many of these programs provide valuable services to the Japanese community through information sharing and support groups, and have urgent need for funding. With this knowledge, JMSA established the Community Outreach Program (JCOP) in 2007 in order to support medically related Japanese programs through grants.
The JMSA Community Outreach Program (JCOP) strives to become a liaison between community programs and corporations seeking to sponsor and aid such programs.


2017 JMSA Scholarship Recipients

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The JMSA honors students in the medical professions who demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to the values of the Japanese Medical Society of America.  Scholarship awards are presented at the JMSA Annual Spring Dinner each year.

Here are the students who received scholarships this year and their proposed projects.

2017 JMSA Summer Party

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On August 13th, JMSA held its annual summer party at Guzan Japanese Restaurant in the Upper East Side. As always, this fun mid-year event was a great opportunity to talk, network, and catch up over delicious sushi and drinks. Current JMSA members were joined by many new faces, including researchers, residents, medical students, and even visitors from Japan. Participants commonly talked about the differences in medical care and education between Japan and USA, transitioning to living and working in NY, and plans regarding their medical careers moving forward. JMSA hopes to organize many more events throughout the rest of the year, so please be on the look out for future emails.

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