Person to Person Dialogue: Connecting 9.11 to 3.11 – Together We Can Move Forward (Part 2/3)

JMSA and Rotary co-arranged this program in response to the September 11th Families' Association’s strong desire to share their experience. “Through our experiences of community re-building in the aftermath of the September 11th tragedy in New York, we would like to be supportive of Japan’s long-term recovery efforts,” said Lee Ielpi, the President of September 11th Families' Association. JMSA has been supporting long term recovery efforts in Tohoku, especially in mental health, since April 2011. With our continuing efforts, we hope to bring about a sense of international community.


At Shin-chi machi, Fukushima, we saw many familiar faces from the last year.

(Pictures Ahead)


We made new friends at Otsuchi-cho, Iwate including local volunteer fire fighters. They shared loss of their colleagues, friends, and loved ones.


Kara-Koro Station, Ishinomaki in Miyagi. Woman speaks of home she lost. We can understand each other. 


Kara-Koro Station staff and Ishinomaki Rotary supporters. Together, we make tomorrow a better day.

Person to Person Dialogue: Fukushima Rou Gakko (School for the Deaf Children)

School aims to encourage strength for students to pursuit their dream through special education for deaf.

Junior high school students welcomed our 2nd visit to the school.


Students showed Japanese hospitality with tea and sweets and taught us how to use the sign language.


 Their 3.11 story.


Students share their personal stories of transformation. 



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