5th New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Scholarship 2022

Dear Applicants for the 5th New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Scholarship 2022:

This scholarship is designed to support young life scientists from Japan who are pursuing a research career in in the US. The New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Society, Inc. (HNMS) was established in 2013 with the mission and goals: 1) to ensure the preservation and upkeep of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi’s graveyard and its monument. 2) to pass on Dr. Hideyo Noguchi’s achievements in medicine and his inspiration to future generations. 3) to inspire and support the children and students of Japanese descent who aspire to study medicine in the United States. 4) to strengthen cultural ties and connections between the United States and Japan. HNMS is dedicated to awarding a scholarship each year to a young scientist pursuing life science research that upholds the principle that guided Dr. Hideyo Noguchi- “Through devotion to science, he lived and died for humanity.”

The deadline for the application is Sunday April 3rd, 2022 and we will announce the recipient in early May. We will present the recipient on Saturday May 21st, 2022, the memorial date of the passing of Dr. Hideyo Noguchi.
Please see attached for further scholarship information and the application.


Maki Kano-Lueckerath, MD
Sei Higuchi, PhD
New York Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Scholarship Selection Committee