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The Japanese Medical Society of America was originally established in 1973 as Japanese Medical Society of New York. Originally created so that members could help and refer one another, our members include medical professionals, dentist, nurses, other health care workers, residents, students and friends. The Society, in keeping with its theme of helping each other, administers and distributes a variety of scholarships to medical, dental and nursing students. Full members, student members, honorary members, affiliates, corporate members and friends make for a dynamic and interesting network of people and organizations. All who partake in the Societys events are rewarded with fellowship and information of a quality and type that are enjoyable, enlightening and useful.

Powerpoint presentations about the JMSA:

  • English Slides
  • Japanese Slides
  • Executive Board:

    President Elect
    Makoto Iwahara, MD
    Immediate Past President
    Jean Furuyama, DDS
    Naomi Hayashi, MD
    Secretary Kamal Ramani, MD

    Vice Presidents

    VP for Scholarship Awards Yuzuru Anzai, MD
    VP for Community Affairs Maki Kano, MD
    VP for Communication Luis J. Fujimoto, DMD
    VP for Membership Development Robert Yanagisawa, MD

    Past Presidents

    Roy Ashikari, MD
    Shunichi Homma, MD

    Board of Directors:

    Dr. Masazumi Adachi
    Dr. Yuzuru Anzai
    Mr. Andrew Ceraulo
    Dr. Luis J. Fujimoto
    Dr. Jean Furuyama
    Dr. Naomi Hayashi
    Dr. Shunichi Homma
    Mrs. Lydia Horiguchi
    Dr. Makoto Iwahara  
    Dr. Maki Kano
    Dr. Hiroshi Nakazawa
    Dr. Kamal Ramani
    Dr. Raymond Sekiguchi
    Dr. Mitsugu Shimmyo
    Dr. Robert T. Yanigasawa